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Continuing Education

Level 5

Any favorite resources for continuing education?  It seems that each year is a bit repetitions, and I would really like to dive deeper into understanding trusts, estates, partnerships, etc.  I would love to know where you've gone and had great classes.  


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  This question is for you @ajp and others responding to you.   Due to the ongoing pandemic, are you going to attend in-person classes or looking for online courses?    

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Level 15

My favorite is https://www.csea.org/SuperSeminar/About/About_Super_Seminar/SuperSeminar/About/About_Super_Seminar.a...

They went virtual this year. They have great speakers and handouts. I learned estate and trust there.

My favorite Update is https://www.caltax.com/shop/webinars/live-upcoming-webinars/2020-21-federal-and-california-tax-updat... which is again virtual this year.

For hours: https://www.cpaacademy.org/ and https://my-cpe.com/ and https://www.webce.com/

Don't forget that our software provider does offer some courses designed specifically for the software. https://proconnect.intuit.com/training/

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Level 15

CPEThink has a large selection of on-demand courses which are quite good.  The rates for the unlimited bundles, available for 1 or 2-year subscription, are also reasonable: https://www.cpethink.com/

CCH CPELink also offers courses with very good technical contents.  I use them for in-depth topics I can't get elsewhere: https://www.cchcpelink.com/search/?&ss=4

For updates, I use a variety of sources including accounting and law firms.  If there are charges for CE/CPE, they tend to be quite costly and I'd forgo the hours but attend just for the contents.

If you are solely looking for hours to fill the gap, I agree with George that my-CPE is a good portal.  Otherwise, I find those courses to be generally heavy on marketing and light in contents.

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Level 5

I am doing everything virtual.