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CBT-100S payment

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2022 NJ CBT-100S cannot be e-paid and has an error message when I checked automatic withdraw in the information worksheet for the tax due. I spent over an hour with the tech support and still had the same error message. This is critical/vital for e-filing the returns and please solve these issues ASAP. I have used this software nearly a decade and this is first time to have this problem. I set up the same way as last year and this year it has an error message. Please let me know what is going on with the software. Thank you.

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This has been reported and you should see a change in the product soon. 

If you (or anyone reading) continues to experience this, please reach out to support. You may need to send sanitized client files to ProSeries support so we can find the root cause. 

Thanks for sharing on the community! 

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I have the same issue with the 2022 NJ CBT-100S electronic filing error. I just refreshed my updates and this issue persists. Other than mailing the return is there a work around to allow electronic filing and/or payment?

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