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can't update my proseries 2020

Level 1

After installing Proseries 2020, my updater is not working.  I am up to level 3 support but nothing.  The tech gave up saying it was something to do with my computer.  Something about the ftp site is categorized as unsafe.

I was reading that other users had similar issues and were answered by intuit but the fix was not posted.

Please Help.

Tony B.

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There is only  on person at Intuit that might be able to help:


Give him a little time.  I'm sure he'll stop in at some point and try to help.

Slava Ukraini!
Intuit Alumni

We can give it a shot, for sure.

First, please fire up a browser and try these two links on the machine that is having an issue: 






They both go to the same file.. it should look something like this, but might vary depending on browser.



If you are experiencing the problem it sounds like, probably the first will fail with some error message and you'll get the second as shown above

Upon confirmation, we can explore fixes. By chance are you a comcast/xfinity customer with "Protected Web Browsing" enabled?  We know that's giving some folks issues.. we've also run into issues with routers & firewalls.



Level 1

Thank you Orlando.  I was having issues installing proseries 2020 yesterday. I'm a comcast customer so I disabled its advanced security feature and it worked!  Proseries downloaded and installed just like the way it should. Spoke with 3 agents today and not one suggested disabling 'protected web browsing' or the Advanced security feature in comcast. Could have been an easy fix for comcast customers like me.

Thanks again.



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Intuit Alumni

I'm sorry for the frustration @HelenC, I will follow up with the agent managers to make sure this information is propagated.

Level 1

After exhaustive efforts with level 1, level 2 and level 3 support.  My issue remained unresolved.  Unable to update my intuit products.

Level 3 (Tony) determined that it was possibly machine specific and kind of gave up and told me to let him know if I resolved the issue.  Working with Tony, it occurred to me to try to download from a second system and the second system experienced the same error; unable to download the 2020 updates.


The issue is not machine specific but internet provider specific.  It seems that Xfinity is “Protecting” me too much and is not allowing connections to any FTP sites.  I went into the modem settings and turned off firewall protection at the hardware level, turned off account specific settings of “Safe Browsing” and turned off Norton at the system level.

Still unable to download from FTP sites, such as the Intuit updater.

It then occurred to me to try another site but before that, I realized that I didn’t have to do that because I had access to my personal hotspot thru AT&T.  Turned off access to Xfinity modem and enabled Wi-Fi to my personal hotspot and Bingo!

Problem resolved, I was able to update my intuit products and download from FTP.

The suggestion has been made to return the modem and get another modem from Xfinity.  Trying this week.  Meanwhile, I have a workaround for my situation but wanted to let you know about this, in case you get other users with similar problems.