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Can I E-File a return with missing 1099-G information with error checking off

Level 3

I have a client who is a traveling maintenance technician, he needs 8 1099-G's for state refunds from last year, of which I found the info on 6 of them. First does anyone have the EIN & address for New Mexico and South Carolina? Second could I e-file the return along  without that information if I turn off the error checking feature. All the refunds are being reported. I spoke with my client and he is on the road and doesn't when he'll be home next to check his mail. 

As usual thanks for your help.

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Level 15

bookmark this site, comes in handy!


Level 3

Thanks Lisa, I don't understand why every state just put this info on their websites, its not top secret.

Level 15

I don't understand why ProSeries requires EINs for state tax refunds.