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Anyone else having Proseries software issues with printing blank forms, letters not matching the return and changes not appearing on a reprint?

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Issues continue with the software: network version, software on workstations, data files on server. Despite the "control which forms to print" set to print "if any data" we are having various workstations that when they print the return, it will print blank forms that don't apply to that return. At this point it is mostly the due diligence worksheets even if the client has no child. Another issue is that a workstation makes a change on a form, saves then reprints the return, the reprint doesn't show the change. Another workstation can open it and the change is there, go back to the original workstation and now the change is there. Then the standard letters issue: the letters printing with the return do not match the figures on the return in more than one case. It is random so there is no pattern I can find and I also cannot tie it down to one workstation with these issues. This is affecting multiple workstations. My IT guy has uninstalled Proseries on a couple of workstations, reinstalled it and the issues continue. My IT guy has thrown up his hands, has no solutions for me so I am asking the Community if they are having issues so we can limit it to either our firm or Proseries.

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