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2021 Tax Season Deadline Extension

Level 5

Sorry if this has been brought up before.  Although the IRS commissioner a couple of weeks ago said the deadline WOULN'T be extended, the House Ways and Means Committee is requesting that the IRS extend it.  Of course, Yellen could make the change on her own.  

A smaller extension to April 30th or May 15th would be helpful, but July 15th  would be brutal. Half the benefit of this occupation is time off when the weather's nice, in exchange for killing yourself during the winter.  

I think it's more likely than not that it WILL get extended, especially with the IRS overwhelmed and the new stimulus checks likely coming in March, but even if it DOES get extended, it likely WON'T get announced until it is too late for us to make any adjustments anyway.  🙄

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Level 15

Just because the IRS may extend the deadline doesn't mean you have to.  If you want tax season to be over by a specific date, tell your clients that you are done on that date.  

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15
Level 15

I put up a link on my business facebook page to the possibility that the season would be extended, then added this:

"My deadline is still April 15th or we file a formal extension. I wont be in the office the last 2 weeks of April and only 2 days a week after that taking appointments between 9am and 2pm, plan accordingly"