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2019 1099-MISC

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Hello, I'm Rossana.  I just want to ask if somebody have a problem trying to  prepare a 1099-misc for 2019.  I don't find the way to do it.  I already bought the 2020, but didn't allow me to pasts records.   I really will appreciate if some body know how to do it, please





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This is not something that ProSeries does, but rather an add on program of Quick Employer Forms. According to https://proconnect.intuit.com/proseries/faqs-quick-employer-forms/ you should be able to access 2019 forms. 

Will I be able to access prior-year client data after the online application has expired?
Yes, as long as you have purchased a current-year Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant license in order to access the online application, and your current-year and prior-year purchases exist in the same account, you will be able to see prior-year client data. For example, between November 2019 and October 2020, you will need a 2019 license in order to access your 2018 data.

If you only have a few 1099s to prepare there are cheaper online prep programs that just charge a per 1099 fee. Such as https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/lacerte-tax-discussions/discussion/re-prepare-1099-within-la... mentioned by @qbteachmt 

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I think in 2020 the old Box 7 in 1099-Misc changed to Box 1 in 1099-NEC.

I use he Proseries Payroll tool, and it automatically transferred last year's 1099-misc data into the 1099-NEC.

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thanks for the responses, really appreciate, but the problem that I have is that I have to prepare forms 1099-misc for the year 2019.  

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Did you use the link provided that takes you to the other topic with the same issue and the reference link there, which I provided previously:




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