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1099-B Quick Entry Table

Level 2

Did anyone else notice on the 1099-B Quick Entry Table that the profit/loss is no longer provided for each sale?  The profit/loss amount was shown in previous years of Pro Series - I always liked to see that as it provided a quick double check for the sales information entries. 

Would be nice to get that back in place.

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Level 8

100% AGREE. Unfortunately, Intuit is "change happy". They just can't leave a good process alone. There was absolutely no change in the tax laws that required the Schedule D data entry to change. It was totally self-imposed by Intuit. Now I can't verify whether the total gain/loss for a particular transaction is accurate without breaking out the calculator and wasting time crunching the number. Ridiculous. 

Level 3

No kidding.  Was just going to suggest that.  Now you're scrolling up and down to double check the gain or loss.  Stupid!!  Bring back the old worksheet.

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Another case of Pro Series fixing something that wasn't broken.  And now it is broken.  The program is requiring dates even though S or L is entered.   You can enter Various for acquisition date but not for sales date.  I'm not inclined to make up a date but I guess I'll have to when I get a brokerage statement with hundreds of transactions which I will not enter separately.

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