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1040X - 9325 Acknowledgement Date

Level 9

Finally managed to e-file a 1040X for the Unemployment Exclusion which created a new EIC Credit for the taxpayer. 

The 9325 Acknowledgement has the correct Submission ID, however, the date the return was accepted is still the original date the 1040 was accepted, in this case 3/5/2021. It should be 6/12/2021.

Make sure you print out the Acknowledgements for Tax Year 2020 when you "update EF status" in the EF Center. It's the only place I can find the correct date and Amended Return Accepted with the Submission ID. 

To file Amended State and School District tax returns, the State of Ohio is requiring it's taxpayers to submit the IRS Tax Account Transcript, showing the new Federal AGI, if the IRS does the UI correction.

If I have to file the 1040X because of a new credit for the taxpayer, Ohio wants proof the 1040X return was accepted before I can file the Amended Ohio returns. I was counting on the 9325 to be that proof so, of course, it's not correct.

Great job Intuit! It didn't occur to anyone the date needed to be updated on the 9325? I have no illusion this will be corrected so I'm just letting everyone else know about it.

I'm also wishing my practice was in a State that is amending the returns in house and relieving it's taxpayers of the burden. Way to Go Ohio!

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Level 15

@The-Tax-Lady thanks for the information tax lady... It is a good idea to print the acknowledgement stating that the returns were successfully transmitted immediately after e-filing... After the return is accepted it is also a good idea to print that acknowledgement for both the federal and state and save it in the client's file...

Level 2

Is there any update of efile acceptance acknowledgements in the system for 1040X returns? 

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Level 9

I'm on hold with my 77 clients who need amended returns filed so not sure if any update has been done on the 9325.

Intuit continues to update the "How to File an Amended return" procedure, which is always fun. I have not seen any correction of the issues in the Ohio IT-1040 and I really don't expect to see any corrections via updates from Intuit. They have moved on to reeking havoc with the 2021TY software.