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What's new in ProConnect Tax 2023


What's new in ProConnect Tax 2023
Updated October 2023

We’re excited to bring you all of these new features in time for you to tackle tax season 2023 and make it your best one yet. Check out some of our new and upcoming features for ProConnect Tax that you helped develop.

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IRS transcripts direct access

Get peace of mind and prepare your returns confidently knowing you have access to everything the IRS has on file for your client. The new IRS transcripts feature allows you to pull all your client’s data, straight from the IRS into ProConnect Tax, where you will be able to access it to complete fast, accurate returns with less client back and forth. See IRS Transcripts in action. Click here

Customized client letters

Create and send templated letters with preset and customized tax return data fields, and signatures to clients. Pro move. Follow these instructions

Hot Keys (shortcuts)

ProConnect is all about helping you streamline your workflow and maximizing your time saved. That’s why we compiled a list of shortcut key combinations to accelerate your productivity while navigating three main sections of ProConnect: main navigation, client tax returns list, and return navigation. Convenient. Accurate. Fast. Print the desk reference

 Intuit Link client reminders

In the Link client request workflow, you now have the ability to send clients reminders to join Link and complete their organizer in Link every 7 days until the ‘client marks the task as ‘done.’ Learn how to set up reminders

Firm performance insights

Grow your firm with full insights into its performance. Our easy-to-read dashboard reports annual client growth, time spent on returns at both the firm and user level, plus comparison reports that can be created for specific times. This performance deserves a hand. Click on ‘Reporting’ in the left navigation

Batch extension eFile 

Batch extend up to 10 multi-modular (individual and business) federal, state and local extensions.  Preview a dashboard to ensure returns pass all required diagnostics and payment requirements before e-filing. 


Intuit ProAccountants is all about innovation based on feedback from customers like you. Here’s what we’re working on now. 

Prep for Taxes* (New! Tax adjustments)

Reconcile tax adjustments to QuickBooks imported trial balance in ProConnect Tax, and update or reclassify tax mapping prior to importing books data to the tax return.

1040 direct data import*

Create a new client using pertinent data extracted directly from their prior year 1040 form, and generate a tax summary comparison for the current tax year. 

K-1 package delivery*

Create and distribute individual K-1 packages to partners via email using a secured link.


Split Married filing jointly tax returns

Automatically split a married-filing-jointly  return by generating two married-filing-separately returns, when there's a tax benefit for your clients. Plus, your team can avoid manual data entry and costly errors because everything is automated for you. 

Prior year worksheets 

Organize worksheets with the prior year's client data to remind clients of the documents they provided the previous year and reduce the amount of time it takes to process this year’s tax return. Learn more

Multi-LLC e-filing  

If your client has multiple small businesses, each with its own LLC, file state returns all at once instead of one by one. This will save you significant time in your workflow process. Learn more

QuickBooks Online billing and payment integration

Connect your firm’s QuickBooks Online account and speed up client billing and payment collection during tax season. Thanks to the seamless integration you can start an invoice from ProConnect Tax with pre-populated client data, then track and collect payment. No extra logins required. 

Custom print settings

Customize digital templates of your client’s tax return documents for easy client review while standardizing and automating your workflow.  Select which documents and forms to include, rearrange the order, mask SSNs, add a watermark and more. Learn more

Tax return reports

Save time by gaining insights into your client base to help you run your firm more efficiently through aggregated reports generated from the tax returns you filed through ProConnect. Learn more

Google Drive and Dropbox integration 

Connect your Google Drive and/or Dropbox account to ProConnect to import client tax forms directly to a tax return. Efficient.

Intuit Link Mark as done 

Clients can now tell you when they’re finished uploading documents via Intuit Link so you know when to start their tax return. Done and done.

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