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Honestly the organizer in Proconnect is horrible. I spend hours doing my own organizer so it looks better and has more information for my clients. I am embarrased to use the one in proconnect. 

Implemented: Phased roll-out. 
Prior year worksheets have been released and we're continually adding improvements to this feature. Thanks again for your feedback! 

Status: Phased roll-out: Implemented
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Level 2

It would be nice to create an organizer that you can customize/condition to particular questions. 

Example: Is this an MFJ return Y/N? If answered yes it populates the questions for the spouse's information questions. Instead of leaving it open and making Single/MFS/HOH clients go through questions they don't need to waste time reading. 

@IntuitGabi When will this be a possibility as this request was made over a year ago and has 92 votes?

Level 1

I pretty much consider prior year worksheets unusable in its current state.  Will there be any improvements to batch download worksheets or anyway to make them easier to deliver to clients?  Coming from the product world, I cannot understand releasing something that is not an mvp.  

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