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Honestly the organizer in Proconnect is horrible. I spend hours doing my own organizer so it looks better and has more information for my clients. I am embarrased to use the one in proconnect. 

Implemented: Phased roll-out. 
Prior year worksheets have been released and we're continually adding improvements to this feature. Thanks again for your feedback! 

Status: Phased roll-out: Implemented
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100% and the engagement letter being limited to plain text!

Level 1

I too am left feeling a little blah regarding the organizer.

Level 2

Agree. This is the first year using PTO and so many features are really horrible.  I'm really upset that I didn't stick with CCH when I started my firm

Level 2

Love the ability to send the organizer/questionnaire thru Intuit Link!  I have had great client participation so far (much better than paper organizers) since they can complete this on their cell phone - especially younger clients.  However, I spent a significant amount of time creating my own organizer template.  The default template in Intuit Link is not adequate for most taxpayers.

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What PTO has in Intuit Link is not an organizer but a laundry list of open questions.  That wouldn't suffice and miss out a lot of details if you have clients that have moderate and complex returns.

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I am very disappointed with the client organizers as well.  I was hoping that ProConnect organizers similar to the Lacerte organizers which list prior year items and amounts and produce the appropriate worksheets based on the prior year returns.

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The horrible organizers are the only thing that make me look at other software programs each year.  ALSO not every client wants to use an online program.  We need the ability to create professional and useful organizers that can be printed and mailed.  Online only just isn't going to work for many many clients.  

In an ideal world, I'd be able to instruct my staff to enter descriptions about what tax forms we have received each year (W2s, 1099s, etc) and then who they were from (1099-INT from First State Bank, K-1 from Scorp, receipts for charities etc)  Then be able to print that organizer to a PDF so I could make additional edits if necessary.

Then for Business being able to ask for a copy of 1099s received, A/R summaries, Dec bank statements etc.

The organizer is the thing we put the most hours into by far.  If ProConnect can fix that then I would expect us to stay, but otherwise I think my practice is outgrowing this software.

Level 1

This is my first year with PTO (from ProSeries) but also not a fan of the organizer. 

I like seeing the KPIs (progress indicators) on the Link dashboard but I don't like updating the status on questions to Complete just so I can see them as complete in the KPIs to get a quick view of the status for each client. 

Many clients do not or will not match documents to their correct item in the document requests so they get added to the Unmatched only has a status of needs review - I should be able to assign the normal statuses.

Many clients don't want to answer all the questions when they don't apply or when they don't seem relevant.  There should be a way for the client to indicate they have finished uploading documents and answering questions and are ready for me to prepare the return.

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How hard could it be to integrate the organizer from Lacerte into ProConnect? This, in my opinion, is the weakest part of ProConnect. I still send customized, slimmed down packets of blank Lacerte organizers to my clients, as ProConnect's offering is a joke.

Level 15

If you want Lacerte features, you have to pay Lacerte prices.   If Intuit were to integrate all the good stuff from Lacerte to PTO....the prices of PTO would go up, substantially.

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