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Implement organizers for rentals and schedule c businesses

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Implement organizers for rentals and schedule c businesses


It's easy to just complain about problems in the forums.  But in the last week I've had two unexpected PTO discoveries that made me go "awww, they really do give a $%!^".

1.  The ability to flag entry fields as items you're wanting information on was a sweet feature I always appreciated in Lacerte and was delighted to see suddenly show up recently in PTO.

2.  I went to do an amended return and when I went to the section for it... BANG!  It offered to copy all the current tax return values as previously filed in, without me having to do it manually (also a long time Lacerte feature).

So a big THANK YOU to the PTO team for managing to not only keep up with the ever changing Covid tax issues, but also finding time to introduce a couple of really key new features!

(Now if someone could just wake up the Intuit Link team (or re-hire them) and get them to implement organizers for rentals and schedule c businesses that show the prior year paid expenses and request the current year expenses... like the old paper organizer did all the time with no problem... then I'd really be doing some cartwheels)

The team is researching next steps for this idea and it is under review. Thanks for the votes and additional comments. 

Status: Under review
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Level 2

only been using PTO since 2009

Fact that they have not brought the prior year business (Schl C ) and Rental (E ) Expenses onto a printable organizer is really dumb

Lacerte can do it

On the Current return input screen for Business or Rental- the prior year expense amounts are shown in light gray

Here's an idea allow us to print the input screen showing prior yr amounts (duh)

Nick MacDonald
Level 3

I've wanted many enhancements and submitted a few requests for improvments for ideas through the years that I've seen implemented. I'm grateful for those.  

1. Import depreciation entries. And, stock sales.  

2. improve rental property input screen when there are more then 10 activities (much improved, more to go).

3. Better use of memory for depreciation.  In early years, it seemed to load every asset into memory which slowed my poor cheap computer or crashed it.  Now it seems to load a page at at time and things are more stable. 

4. Printing K-1 packages.  Most thankful for this. 

5. Preview forms.  I used to print to pdf to review a copy or test a change entry.  Huge improvement. 

To many to list, but I'm thankful for these feature enhancements for sure.

Status changed to: Open for voting

Thank you for your idea and comments. This is "Open for voting" and will be reviewed. 

Level 15
Level 2

Amen to that!  This is our biggest complaint from staff as well as clients.  They need to see those fields that were populated last year so they can be sure they gather all appropriate information for the current year.  Honestly, it makes us reevaluate renewing each year.  I continue to see all of the improvements that ProConnect make from the suggestions each year BUT (and that's a HUGE BUT) the organizer issue appears to be a top concern for users and a low concern for Intuit.


I loved ProSeries Client organizers that I could send to clients showing prior year figures and questionnaire also. My clients miss that since I changed over and so do I.

Status changed to: Under review

The team is researching next steps for this idea and it is under review. Thanks for the votes and additional comments. 

Level 3

That's great to hear!  I look forward to seeing what kind of user interface they come up with.

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