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Why is my touch screen disabled when using TurboTax?

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I need to scroll down because all the "continue" buttons are formatted such that it requires moving the screen up. (This is another point of irritation. Why cant the pages be better formmated?).

I see this old response..."There is a scroll bar on the right of each panel.  You can also use your arrow key or page up and down.  You can also program your touch pad to allow scrolling."

Like Duh! I know that, but that does not answer the question as to why screen scrolling has been disabled and how to correct it.

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I find it odd that you would ask that question about that software in a tab for ProConnect tax software.  Isn't that kind of like going into a Chevy dealer asking what is wrong with your Tesla?

Slava Ukraini!
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Ya might want to voice your complaint on the TurbohhhhhhhhhhhhhhTax forum.

This place is for tax professionals, and we don't use or even 'like' TT.

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You seem to be lost on the internet.

You’ve come to a Peer User community for Intuit Income Tax Preparation products supporting tax preparation professionals using ProSeries, Proconnect and Lacerte Tax Preparation programs, and you may be looking for support as an individual taxpayer using TurboTax. Please visit the TurboTax Help site for support.

And try this screen, for the various topics (subforums): https://ttlc.intuit.com/community/discussions/discussion/03/302

Your sign in user info here is the same one you can use over at the TurboTax forum.



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