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The PDF version of tax organizer from ProConnect is so lacking in style, what do others do to personalize the Questionnaire and Document list, adding zazz?

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I use SmartVault instead of Link
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Have you thought of adding a "zazz" watermark to the questionnaire?

Slava Ukraini!
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That answer depends on what kind of style you are after.  If you are referring to how Document Checklist and Questionnaire in Intuit are produced/organized and exportable to PDF, that's more a functional rather than stylistic limitation (but that's Intuit's vision for the future).

I (along with various other users) agree that it is lacking in many ways but there are plenty who are comfortable using that to minimize the amount of data/documents their clients will need to furnish.

We develop/update our own Excel-based organizer that customizes itself based on clients' responses to a basic questionnaire.  Others subscribe to third-party or develop their own online organizers.

One other alternative would be to use conventional paper organizers in PDF format, which you can download from this article by clicking on the link under Blank paper organizers: https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/print-a-file/help/how-to-create-pdf-organizers-in-proconnect...

What all these options fall short of is the ability to proforma the organizers but there is no easy way to do that at this point in time.

P.S. We switched to using VeriFyle a couple years back as we have better control over its organization as well as workflow and for continuity considerations.

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I create a customized list.... takes a fair amount of time, but I can personalize the list to address their specifics.... I only have about 150 clients, so it's not a very scalable solution.

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