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Schedule A Line 16 - Impairment related expenses

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I came from ProSeries which had a very easy to use line by line entry system.

In ProConnect software that I use now (due to not owning a PC so need ubiquitous internet access), Line 16 is a generic catchall for the dozen or so topics the IRS allows on line 16 and it looks like you name the expense rather than having a pick list of some kind.

Impairment related expenses of disabled workers encapsulates home office, medical, and other expense

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Is there a question there? Your statement seems to be valid. You can write anything you want on any line and it will typically carry to the tax return. 

BTW - When you do ask a question, please indicate what type of return you are working on. It helps the other users that are trying to answer gather their thoughts more quickly.

Here's wishing you many Happy Returns
Level 3

Thanks George,

This is a personal return for a client who has impairment-related work expenses (medicine, doctor's visits, some at home depreciable or Se 179 expensable office equipment, then home office deduction allowed under that).

I did fill in their 2016 with "handicap" as the entry (really Inuit should have made that "Impairment"). 

I think I can add the home office asset and link to the 2106 as opposed to other options like Sched E or Sched C which would be valid for others.

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Level 11
Level 11

There's nothing keeping you from using "impairment," rather than "handicap"?

Level 3

It's a pick-list so have to use handicap but that's the most minor of inconveniences.

I'm not liking ProConnect as I cannot seem to get business use of your home to depreciate at all...it's linked to a 2106 which is indicated for impairment, however I'm getting no love from this.

I'm going back to ProSeries....straight forward, easy to use if you know what you want and what forms to use. ProConnect is just a little too abstracted for my likes.