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Report sales of primary home once used one year as rental had depreciation

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I have a client purchased home in 2018 at $560000, used as rental for about one year. Reported on Sch E and depreciated for 2018-2019 tax year

Then she lived up till middle of 2022 due to job relocation.

She sold the home at $570000 (paid commission ($28500).

My question is how to spilit the sales between rental (form 4797) and sales of home (Schd)?

Even thought it is loss, 

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Don't split it. The home sale worksheet should have a place to enter Depreciation

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Hi sjrcpa,

How do you access the  home sale worksheet ?

I used the asset quick entry; Depreciation disposition.

Should I select Property Code 2 - Sale by individual personal use of property?




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Check out this article: https://proconnect.intuit.com/support/en-us/help-article/form-8949/reporting-sale-home-individual-re...

If there is no existing depreciation schedule, the article explains how to enter the sale of home via the Schedule D screens.

If there is a depreciation schedule, the article explains how to enter the sale from the disposition screen:


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Thanks, I was able to follow the below instruction.

But the form 4797 was not generated due to the sales is loss. 

I purposely added another $5k on top of the sales receipts so the 4797 showed, I can see 4797 Part I box (e) the depreciation allowed or allowable since acquisition populated with the depreciation taken.





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