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Lost data entered

Level 2

I am new to ProConnect Tax, but used Lacerte for 12 years.  I picked up the next day where I left off on entering Sch D dispositions.  So I entered another 33 dispositions for a total of 63.  When I brought up the return the next day, the return only showed 30 dispositions.  What happened.  I thought that when you enter data, it stays in ProConnect Tax and the next day you pick up where you left off.  HELP!!  Ferg

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Level 15

That should not be happening. I would suggest possibly that you do a "Check Return" for the client before ending the day. That might help lock the data in. 

Personally I would never attempt to enter that many transactions in ProConnect. I would enter only one item for all short term where basis is reported. One for all long term where basis is reported and probably a "see attached" for short term basis not reported and another "see attached" for long term not reported. 

Here's wishing you many Happy Returns