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[bug fix] To fix the issue that the sales tax is incorrected computed

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In certain situations, you need to use sales tax as part of the itemized tax. However, the ProConnect computed sales tax wrong. I know it because I compared it with the IRS sales tax calculator, and the numbers are different, some times it is quite large. I further discovered that that is due to the local tax that the ProConnect omitted altogether. After I put in the local rate, then it is the same as the IRS value.

I reported this via chat, but I do not know where the issue stands.

I believe this is a bug instead of enhancement because we generally expect it to work. To me if you press the gas panel and you expect the car to run but it doesn't, it is a bug, but if you want it to fly, it is an enhancement.

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Level 15

I dont use ProConnect, but in ProSeries we have the ability to set the sales tax rates, state and local.  Seems like it should be an option for you as well somewhere.  

@itonewbie  can you confirm?

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@Just-Lisa-Now-State table is built in, just not local rates.  And you can't build your own table in PTO for your own clients because, as it stands, the program references one common database in the cloud, whereas Lacerte and ProSeries users have the luxury to set up custom tables on their own drives.

It's an architectural limitation, I think.  Changing that would probably take a bit of re-engineering.

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