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IRS Not Allowing Credit for Payments with Spouse SSN

Level 15

Has anyone else seen this situation?

2020 Form 1040.

Some payments made with husband’s SSN, a couple payments made with wife’s SSN. Return filed on time and full paid.

Out of a clear blue sky, IRS sends notice last week for balance due of five-figure amount, including interest and penalty. The payments not being credited are those made with wife’s SSN.

Checking online account for both spouses, all payments show up, and applied to 2020.

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Level 15

Yes I've seen this.

They eventually allow it after you splain it to them.

Their antiquated systems seem to only record payments on a joint account that were made with the SSN of the person listed first.

Level 11

The Irs must be a bunch of male chauvinist(i think I spelled that wrong)