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Hiring woes?

Level 7

Losing an  EA employee do to retirement. Professional employment  agencies in Indiana tell me it will be next to impossible to find anyone to work in house, that accounting jobs have mainly gone remote. Is everyone working remote? I work remote and in office A lot of my staff work in house. I just don't feel good about letting a new employee work remote with all the information we have access to and require. We have a large client base and still have a large portion that wants to meet one on one.  Just curious if anyone else is facing this.




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Level 15

This is the new normal.

If you don't want remote workers you'll have to look harder and longer to hire someone.

If you get a local hire, perhaps you could have them come in to the office for training.

Even before the pandemic we had remote workers. Now we have more.

You'll probably need to update your remote capabilities and security protocols.

Lord Happy
Level 5

Happy day...we hired out of state and while it will complicate our own tax filings by adding a state to apportion our income + work comp + other stuff, I found it to be much easier than I expected.  I was freaked out by the idea of a stranger having the keys to the kingdom, but all employees do, anyway, so what's the difference if they are here, or there? 

I'll be hiring again this month and am absolutely hiring remote.  To be frank, I think I can hire someone in another part of the country at a lower rate for the same expertise compared to what I pay here.  Just run your employment agreements past an attorney of competent jurisdiction so you don't run into any issues.