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Filing a Tax Return

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I have a client who is getting  $1,112 a month in welfare for the wife, husband and child.  The wife received a W2 for $3,000 with no federal withholding.  Should I file a joint tax return and claim the child?  Will filing the tax return affect their welfare.  They are living with the wife's family and they are not claiming them as dependent.


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"a month in welfare"

Is this TANF? "Temporary" help.

"Will filing the tax return affect their welfare."

Everything you asked means you need to do the research. No one on the internet can answer such specific questions. They are your clients, and you know the details that matter.

You might start here:


I would point out that you file taxes for the taxpayer if there is a requirement for them to file, or when filing gives them some benefit such as refundable credits. You also file for the facts and circumstances, not out of consideration for what else might happen.

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"Will filing the tax return affect their welfare."

As stated above, the rules of the welfare program apply. But FYI the IRS and state know about the W-2 income whether or not a 1040 is filed.

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filing a tax return depends on IRS regulations not other programs. Your client is under the filing requirements, but should be entitled to the EIC of $1029, which is a refundable credit, and also a small additional child tax credit