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Fiduciary Tax Return

Level 3

Got new client.  Mother passed away in January of 2022 and daughter got a tax id in the name of the trust.  I have not done a fiduciary return recently and thought it should be in the name of the estate and not the trust.  Should I apply for a new FID in the estate name or just file it in the name of the trust and mark final?  

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Level 15

If mom had a revocable trust, it became irrevocable when she died, so the daughter would have done things right.  

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15

But, whatever is not in the trust is part of the estate. In my experience, there usually are things not titled to the trust.

Level 3

There may be a pour over will?  You will have to get any trust documents and will's.  That will be the only way you know you are going in the right direction.

Level 15

Get a complete copy of the trust for your records. It is the bible for what to do. 

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