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PDF Version of Organizer

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PDF Version of Organizer


My clients are requesting FILLABLE organizers.  Can you make this happen so we can stop with the paper organizers?   The e-organizer is not something most of my clients can work with so a fillable PDF would be great. 

Thank you for your feedback and votes. 
We understand this is an opportunity not only for Lacerte but for many accountants using Intuit products. This idea continues to be Under Review as the team is researching options for a holistic approach on this topic. 

Please continue to share your feedback as we develop and scope next steps for bringing this enhancement to life. 

Status: Under review
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David has done a good bit of updating for the instructions and interaction with Adobe so that it less arcane.  We retained the "Action" capability so you can point it at a folder-full of files and have it process a bunch sequentially.


Note again that this simply lays fillable fields over the PDF pages generated from Lacerte (with the "complete" organizer only). Primarily this is useful for legibility--rather than reading each client's different chicken-scratch handwriting--as well as Find, Zooming size, and copy/paste for long entries.
This WILL NOT take data from the Organizer and populate it into the Lacerte program. (We have made some small inroads on that, but it is... daunting.)


And again, this works ONLY for the INDividual module. (The page headers for the FIDuciary module are laid out differently, so they will take additional work... and no other module even generates an Organizer.)


I hope that everyone has a happy holiday season!

Robert Kirk

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David has told me that several people have given him feedback about difficulty with the discount codes.  To simplify things, he has also created "iTax2023" (four letters, only the 'T' is capitalized, four digits) for use by readers here.

In addition, if you tried using the previous code and were unable to get it to work, please reach him at "email <at> PDFautomationstation.com" and he will refund you the 20% discount.

Sorry if you had any difficulties!

Robert Kirk

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Hey Intuit, are you there?  I posted this request in Feb. 2021, we are going on THREE years now that it's been "under review."  For what we pay for your product I expected more than "under review" for three years. Are you going to implement this?  If not, we can all move on from it in one way or another.  

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So what is the new verdict now?

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I have used the e-organizer for years but this year about half of my clients did not receive them so I sent them again.  They still did not receive them

Their appointments were included with them so that was also a problem.

Makes me look incompetent!

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