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One page organizer list of documents needed

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One page organizer list of documents needed


Please consider a one page list of the documents and items needed from a client.  Many clients do not need/want to complete the organizers. We want to give them a list of all the specific W-2s, 1099s, they had last year.  A similar list is generated with the Link program but there is no way to get it as a printable list.  Other tax software offer this and I think it would be tremendously helpful. Thank you

Under review-- We're reviewing next steps to enhance organizers. Please continue to vote and post your suggestions below. Check out similar idea here: PDF Version of Organizer

Status: Under review
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Tax Dude_So Cal
Level 1

I too would love to see this feature. I get many clients asking for a checklist every year so I have to manually create one for each client, wasting valuable time. And I definitely don't want to give them a multi-page organizer with so many unnecessary pages.

I feel it would be very easy for the software to do since it's already doing it within Link.

Level 8
Level 8

I don't disagree with your ask, but I'd probably recommend you make your own rather than hold your breath for Intuit to publish one for you.

Also, have you checked out the "condensed organizer"?  It's only four pages.  I've switched over to that from the "complete organizer," and am having a lot more success / positive feedback from clients on the shorter forms.

Good luck!

Level 2

Thank you. We are using the condensed organizers and want something shorter.  It would take us too long to make custom lists for each of our clients so we wanted to put the idea out there for consideration.

Level 1

Absolutely! A checklist showing *specific* documents they had last year is A MUST. Not sure why this has been so neglected for so long. Clients want to know key things that pertain to them, not read a huge organizer and try determine what they can ignore or not. A list such as this:

1. [Company Name] W2

2. [Bank Name] 1099

3. [Bank Name] 1098

4. [Institution Name] 1098-T


To make it better, condense the prior deductions too such as:

1. [Charity Name] Cash Donations

2. [Vehicle Name] VLT Tabs

3. [Description] Medical Expense


Finally, enhance this even more by making an available diagnostic that shows and links to items that were on the prior return that are missing on the current year return. UltraTax has this and it makes it much quicker reviewing the return relative to the prior year to make sure you're not missing anything.

Level 3

This would be great

Returning Member

This would be amazing!  The existing organizers need revamped so badly

Level 2

We customize our cover letter on the condensed organizer to show in bullet point the general forms we are looking for.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under review

This is "Under review". Thank you, all! 

Level 4

We ask for "All W-2s"; we have no knowledge--YET...  we find that out when they give us the tax information--whether someone who was at JobX last year still is, or has moved on in their career.  (This is especially telling for college students, who may have 5 different W-2s just for "the summer"...)

See page four (#4) of the blank organizer my office used for this past year.  (We are still making wording changes for the 2021 organizer.)

Robert Kirk

Level 4

As an addendum: with an ODBC connection to your data, you can generate this kind of sheet yourself on paper.
  (Inserting it into a PDF version of the organizer would need to be done after saving them to somewhere, and then making changes.  Since your clients' PII is involved, I recommend using passwords, and that kind of manipulation--adding pages, passwords, whatnot--may best be handled by external tools such as "PDFtk", which I highly recommend:
  https://www.pdflabs.com/docs/pdftk-man-page/ )

Parse the client detail--either "just this one client that I am dealing with now" as a one-off, or "do all of them into one giant data table" (which enables you to do things like "find W-2 employers across entire client base," so it could be handy)--and just extract everything of "code 800/name".  The ones you probably want to include on your printout would be:

1514.2ST refund, unemployment
1614.31099-Q /education
55, 56, 57, 5820.X

passthrough K-1s


Then you build your printout--either "just this one page" for that single client, or "do them all" for the entire list--and save them somewhere.  If you are doing them one at a time, you can insert that single page into the client you're working on; if you do them en masse, you just include that as an additional document to include into the mix.


I'm not sure if you can get it down to "one page" though: I found a couple of our clients who had more than twenty (20+) payers just from page13/pension & IRA distributions.  So you may be able to make a "condensed, targeted" page (of each client's specific payers), but may fail on the "one page" request.

Sample extract:
  20211227.one page.jpg

And a "quick and dirty" sample listing (last-four of account numbers redacted, and no client names used) :
  20211227.test extract.jpg

Robert Kirk

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