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Clear colored alerts bars when close alerts browser

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Clear colored alerts bars when close alerts browser


Lacerte 2022 alerts show in colored bars across the top of the window.  When you open an alert from the bar or from the alerts icon, the browser appears.  It displays different than last year, and when you click the X in the upper right corner the browser closes, BUT the colored bars do not clear.  Please resolve

Thanks for the idea to clear colored bars in notifications. We are changing the status to "Open for voting".

Continue to vote and comment on enhancements by going to the Idea Exchange Home page and select "Status": Open for voting, "Sort by": Most Popular. >> Lacerte Idea Exchange

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Status: Open for voting
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Level 8
Level 8

Thank you!  Completely agree!  I just shared this in the FB group "Lacerte Rescuers!" to try and get a lot more upvotes on this.

Level 2

It's a pain, used to just see what the issue was. Now I will not bother checking as I know it may stay the same

Returning Member

Yes I noticed this also it is a huge pain , I don't need or want to ready any of those ads

Madelyne Cromwell
Returning Member

Agreed. Please resolve.

Level 15

Open the alerts > upper left are three vertically stacked dots/dashes > click on those > upper right side click on the three vertical dots > *select all* > click on the 'envelope'  (for mark as read).   

I may have missed a few steps... but start with the upper left three dots & follow the bouncing ball.

So, resolved - altho way more complicated now.   


New Member

The new process is beyond frustrating and a complete waste of my time! Please fix!

Level 1

Please resolve. It is a distraction.

New Member

Make it go away, same as prior years.  Once I glance at the alert, there is no reason for the color bars to remain.  Very, very annoying.

Returning Member

You should also filter the alerts to show unread ones.  That way there won't be alerts that you can't clear because they are too old to show up.

Returning Member

Yes, please make it like it's always been, with alert bars disappearing after you've clicked on them. 

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