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What is the maximum amount of pages I can attach as a PDF when e-filing a fiduciary return?

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I have 244 pages to attach to a tax return.  I know i cannot attach it all in one PDF.  What is the maximum amount of pages I can attach as a PDF file when e-filing a fiduciary tax return?
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Level 11
Level 11

There's no maximum number of pages. The maximum is based on file size. 

https://accountants.intuit.com/support/en-us/help-article/partnership/resolving-error-12031-e-filing... says:

The attachment size per PDF is limited to 1.5 MB, for a total limitation of 32 MB.

This means you can have as many 1.5 MB attachments as needed, but the combined size of the attachments can't exceed32 MB

While 32 MB is the largest combined size, you could experience issues e-filing a return at around 20 MB.

Level 11
Level 11

Also, this is a Lacerte / Intuit limitation. CCH's limit (per https://support.cch.com/oss/ml/kb/solution/000154306) is 60MB per file, to a max of 1GB.

CCH's calculation would put 250 pages of attachments at about 30MB. You might need to get creative to get the file size down.

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What are they, stock transactions that are not "covered" ?  You think anyone at IRS cares?