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W19tax.exe Fatal Application Exit

Level 1

Is anyone getting error on certain files W19tax.exe fatal application exit? we are getting this error and it logs us out of lacerte. and cannot get into lacerte.  it is happened a few time now.

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1) If you haven't done a hard re-boot, try that.

2) Do a reinstall using WebSetUp, and force it even if it says your program is up-to-date.

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Level 15

Here is a link to the FORCE websetup. https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/help-articles/help/how-to-perform-a-force-install-of-lacerte...

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Level 5

I too am plagued with this on some of our workstations more the others. 

Did this solve your issue?

There are a few related posts including the one George4Tacks included with additional solutions.



Regarding the FORCE Setup, the first option is relevant to a NETWORK install and really should be the second step IMHO.  It assumes the networks SETUP folder is correct.  The second step runs the FORCE and UPDATES the Networks files (in a network config) and then the client from which the FORCE was run.  Point being that if you have more than one workstation with an issue, you need to run option 2 first and then option one on (all) impacted workstations.

If you are having this issue, you probably should also be aware of this too


and less directly relevant but this too



Level 2

This problem has been a terrible issue for our office this year. I have spent countless hours attempting to resolve the dreaded fatal application issue on the phone with technical support. They get us up and running and within two days we have the same problem. Clients call asking questions about their tax returns and we give them the same old song and dance, "We are sorry the tax software is down!"

Level 5

Venting is good, but it's hard to help with out more details.

I used the links from my last post to compile a 2 page "Patch Process" for my organization.  It includes all the fixes I felt I could apply, and defines them as Server and Workstation applicable.  It takes me about 15 minutes to apply them to each workstation.  I also keep a spreadsheet of when the fixes are applied to each workstation and a special column for last error dates for both W19tax.exe and PROFXO.P9.  When I get my hands on a workstation I open Lacerte => F10=> Errors and copy the contents to an email which I send myself (Subject [Computer name][User Name] Lacerte Error Log).

I have no real way of telling you what fixes are helping or even working, but do think that setting the AV exceptions to Lacerte folders has made a big difference in at least the PROFXO.P9 errors (which corrupt OUR CUSTOM COLUMN configuration.  I need a couple more weeks to "marinade" the fixes and review the logs.  The other fix which I think maybe helpful is the one which sets security for the Lacerte Application (via the Desktop Icon) and the Lacerte folder.  I have been giving explicit permission to both the user (by name) and Everyone.  Maybe excessive, but I think the security risk, if any, is low to the ile gaurentee of file access.

Related, if you download "Process Monitor" from MS Sysinternals and run this along side Lacerte it may help you identify issues.  (you need to config it to look for "Lacerte" related activity or you will not be able to sift through the results).  This tool clearly identified that our ESET AV was locking files that Lacerte was trying to access. 

Lacerte support is severely limited in what they can do, and so far pretty much what Level 1 has done is tell me to run the WebSetup19.exe with FORCE.  Level 2 was a bit more helpful and furnished me the links above (hence "a Little").  Some of the other fixes, like deleting your Proforma data and redoing I consider to risky.  They do not discuss impact in ANY DOCUMENT.

Like George4Tacks, I will strongly suggest you carve out some time at the next update (maybe push it to Friday noght) and run the WebSetup with Force (option 2) and then go to each workstation and run the client version (option 1).  Monitor the error logs after, but you need to address at least the AV Fix first.

Level 15

One more suggestion: Never use the update from within the program. Exit and from windows go to Lacerte > 2019 Lacerte Web Setup and use that. I created a shortcut on my desktop. You can also right click it first time you go to find in and select More > Pin to Task Bar.

Web Setup really seems to make a cleaner install than the update. 


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Level 5

I actually meant to include this content in my last post...


REM https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/help-articles/help/how-to-perform-a-force-install-of-lacerte/00/4743
ECHO This file will run the Lacerte WebSetup for 2019 with the FORCE Command
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Lacerte Shared\websetup19.exe" /force 


 If you copy this into a text file and rename it with a CMD extension you will have this handy tool to run the WebSetup with the Force command right from your desktop.

And here is part 2 (Or option 1) code:

REM https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/help-articles/help/how-to-perform-a-force-install-of-lacerte/00/4743
ECHO This file will run the Lacerte Client Setup for 2019 with the FORCE Command
"Z:\Lacerte\19tax\setup19\taxsetup.exe" /force

Note that each of these has a PAUSE command and requires the user to enter a "Return" to continue.

Level 2

I found that web setup and the Lacerte_ToolsHubSetup, do nothing but waste your time.

What you need to do is go to the Optionxx folder, like C:\Lacerte\19tax\OPTION19

and change 2 files. ProfLog.P9 to ProfLogOld.P9 and ProFX.P9 to ProFXOld.P9

Once you do that, the program will start up.