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Sending client copy of tax return be sent to client electronically with eSignature, in lieu of sending hard copy of tax return to client

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I've briefly perused instructions for use of eSignature, which I've never used before.  If using eSignature means that client copy of tax return can be sent to client electronically when getting eSignature, I will go ahead and try eSignature for my last client, who lives in another state.  Otherwise, I will use overnight delivery service.

When perusing the eSignature instructions, I've noticed mention of sending "documents" to client electronically, but have not read explicit statement that delivery of electronic copy of tax return to client can be sent to client in lieu of hard copy. 

If I can send electronic client copy of my client's tax return to this out of state client, can I also electronically sign the client copy prior to sending, or do I need to print out physical copy, physically sign, and then scan and and send the scanned document to my client, as part of electronic transmission, when using eSignature.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.  I've always given my clients hard copy of tax return in the past, with my physical signature. 




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You don't need to provide the client with a hard copy of the return.  As long as you provide them with a copy that they can view and review, you are good to go.  As far as your signature goes, the IRS does accept your printed name on the return as a legit signature.

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