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When I try to print a tax organizer, I get a message that says "The selected client does not have any data to input."  But there IS data.  I can print pages using the partial organizer.  I have been doing the same thing with my organizers for over 25 years that I am doing now.  Anyone else experiencing this?  Any cure?

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I know there was an update since https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/lacerte-tax-discussions/discussion/when-trying-to-print-any-...  but possibly this "unexpected behavior" still exists.

@IntuitAustin will hopefully do some research when he gets back from the long weekend, 

Here's wishing you many Happy Returns
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My guess is that you're trying to use a bitmap image.  I get the same "no data' message when I print with my firm's cover page, which has my logo as a bitmap.  Worked fine last year, but not this year.

You can experiment like I did and create another cover page (or whatever else has the bitmap)  with the bitmap deleted, and see if "data" suddenly appears....

I tried calling Support yesterday, but they were closed.

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I had the same problem and was able to get help from Lacerte.  It's a glitch in the program that they are working on.

Go into the client letter settings for the organizer to see if you have "print border" checked off.  If yes, unclick this box and you will be able to print the client letter.  She could not tell me when this would be corrected.

Level 5

I called Support today.

They confirmed many issues with this year's Organizer.  There is no estimated date for resolution of any of them.

Their workaround to uncheck borders didn't work for me, since I didn't have any borders enabled on the cover page or Questionnaire (or anywhere else).  And they had (supposedly) never heard of the issue with a  skipped space when any formatting is used in the Questionnaire.