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curious cat
Level 1

This is my first year using lacerte I am sorta of nervous about transmiting for efile . when I check diagnostic and I see  all those messages .

is there any specific ones I should pay the most attention on?

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Level 15

You should pay attention to all, but those the have ref#0 are just for you to be aware of, but do not stop the ability to e-file. Critical Diagnostic WARNINGS, are often just warnings, such as the fact that you can't print the 1040ES now, but that will not stop the ability for the file to be efiled.

If there are other diagnostic numbers, you may be able to research them here.

Either clear all of those items by just click the check box, or resolving them (generally by clicking to get to the input area.)



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Level 2

You will want to have the critical diagnostics cleared before you attempt to e-file. Some of them will prevent the ability to transmit the tax return but not necessarily all of them.  

The informational ones are definitely worth reading through to see if you missed something else you should have been paying attention to.  Right now, the one about virtual currency will be on there almost every time unless you have already gone in and checked the box yes or no for virtual currency.

When you click on the diagnostic, it usually takes you to the input screen where you would make changes for that item.