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Efile status problem

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Of course can't get through on the telephone.

Part of the efile status acknowledge problem - return totally disapeared as if it wasn't efiled at all - back to only the extension.   What gives?   If it's not there - then will it show back up?
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It will show up when they fix it. They broke that so that e-file would go through yesterday. Me thinks it might be in the next update, but what do I know. I am just another crumby user. 


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To one crumby user to another 🙂

Personally I am livid about the thousands of dollars Lacerte charges for this crap.   I can not figure out why all of us continue to pay these prices for this.  Every year I say going to pull the plug on them - but it's just too much effort.  Seems easier to retire..... LOL

I actually finally got through on the phone.  She told me to efile it again since the entire filing disappeared.  And what do you know - federal was accepted yesterday.  And again today - late.  

Now I envision the hours to clean up this mess.  Client was pissed.  But then I smacked her back.  Not like I didn't tell them this may happen if they continued to wait until the last minute.   For next year I decided let people paper file if they can't get their act together by the 14th.    

Be nice if we had a clear picture of what exactly this drama is about and how it happened.  

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A return can NOT be accepted twice.. the IRS system only allows for one SSN acceptance per year.

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LOL love it!

Yes I know this - too sassy to say Duh?  

But this is no joke.   It happened.  I can only assume Lacerte restored the acceptance from yesterday when I efiled it again per lady on the phone.   It completely disappeared.  And showed up today after second filing with today’s date along with California.  

We pay too much money for the secretive behind the scene fiasco that happened - it’s unacceptable.    I certainly for one would like to know what has transpired and have an exact computer trail of this.   Figured will have call and ask for it once the dust settles.

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