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e-Signature white screen

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When I request an e-signature the program runs through the printing side of things then gives me a blank white screen instead of the screen that allows me to send the e-signature request to the client. Has anyone had this issue before or know how to deal with it?

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There's another thread on this exact issue:


My original problem resolved itself; and this may be a Lacerte tech problem that we can't fix.  There are many posts on the original thread

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ESIGNATURE has been a nightmare this year for me. Constant blank screen when I go to the esignature dashboard, no handy updating of when they have been completed, constant downtime of esignatures.

Glad I didn't shell out for the unlimited esignatures, I imagine those people are really upset.

Workarounds: Use Smartvault to get signatures (also uses docushare for signatures)

Log onto docushare.com website directly to see status of requested signatures completed or not. 


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