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Missing Files

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This is the 4th time this tax season that our Lacerte files have disappeared from our server.  This time, it appears to only affect our partnership and S-corporation files.  (The PData and SData folders are still there, but the "Detail" files containing our client data are empty.)

Has anyone been able to resolve this?  Lacerte has been of no use in this.  Their "solutions" are the same as last year and they didn't work last year and caused  us to totally lose our files last June (Lacerte insisted that all of the backups were causing the files to disappear, so they weren't being backed up.)


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This is just a wild guess. Look at the solution for this other problem where the renamed the OPT file. https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/lacerte-discussions/discussion/re-pre-filter-on-2019-individ...


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This isn't relevant to the problems that we have experienced.

In our situation, most or all of the files in the Lacerte\19Tax folder on our server disappear.  The folder is completely or partially emptied.  All of the client data is missing.

So far, we have had to have our outside IT people go into the backups and restore the files.  I have also taken the approach of backing up the data files in a separate folder (it can't be in the 19Tax folder since those files disappear.

This problem seems to be more prevalent when there are program updates.


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I have had the same issue and my wife resolved it with help from Lacerte technical support in the past, but this time I discovered something; my default file path in Lacerte repeated 2019Tax like this: C:\LACERTE\19TAX\19TAX\SDATA\  So I removed the duplicate and restored the S corp returns to the proper place under S module.