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Lacerte return alternate tray output options

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Hi folks, 

Quick one here. A client asked me if they can send Review copies of a Lacerte return to a specific tray on their Laserjet printer. Other CPAs I know in similar situations just pull the other drawer out and wait to have the required report output to the remaining (desired) tray. 

Is there a way to accomplish this without having to pull the other drawer out and just send Reviews to tray 2, while continuing to send everything else to tray 1?

Thank you!

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If you are asking for automated means of doing this, I think the answer is you can't.

The tray can be accessed through the printer properties, which the user could do when they are are about to print something. Once that property is edited, it will work that way on that station until the user changes it back. A real experience programmer might be able to write a script to do this, but it is NOT part of the usual operation of Lacerte.


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In some cases, you can install the same printer and driver again, as a different name, and set the default tray per the printer. Example:

Brother USB

Brother WiFi

Is how I use the same printer with two different connectivity types, because sometimes, the WiFi won't trigger a print (too much network traffic and WiFi6 interference from the neighbors with mesh networks, is what we think is wrong).

Just like you might be able to print to the Admin printer, then print to the Downstairs printer; the system doesn't consider them as the same printer and you get to name them meaningful names.

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