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Lacerte Batch Request E-Signature for Engagement Letter

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I am trying to use the Lacerte batch request for e-signature to send out our engagement letters this year, as outlined in: https://accountants.intuit.com/support/en-us/help-article/client-engagement/using-esignature-batch-s... 

Unfortunately the Batch request will only send the document to the primary taxpayer, so it is unusable for things like "sending out engagement letters" as outlined in the post. I know there is a similar issue with Intuit Link where only the primary taxpayer will receive the invite. Does anybody know of any work arounds for this issue?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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Level 8

Check with your professional liability insurance company. I'm in California and use CAMICO. I checked with them, and they say that one spouse can sign and bind the other.

Obviously needs some wisdom to collect both if they don't get along or you have any knowledge that the spouse would object or challenge the signer's decision. But now for 95% of my clients, I only collect one signature.  I opt for the spouse I interact with the most.

I use Ignition, and using Ignition, you can choose to send to just one or to both spouses.

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