What are Sticky Notes and how are they different than Client Notes?


Sticky and Client Notes can be used to remind you of a certain task, form, or client. They can be either client specific or generic to all forms within all clients .
Sticky Notes:
  • Do not print with the return when the return is printed
  • Do not proforma
  • Can be entered in specific input screens and on any form

Client Notes:

  • Will print with the return when return is printed
  • Will proforma
  • Can only be entered in the input screen
  • Cannot be entered on any specific form.
To Create a new Sticky:
  1. Drag and Drop the  


      from the icon toolbar to the location where you want the note.
  2. Type your text in the Add New Note box
    • The font type or size for the note cannot be change
    • The Sticky Note color cannot be changed
  3. If this note is for the tax program or for more than one client, remove the check next to Client Specific.
    • Removing the check next to Client Specific makes the note a Sticky Note and can be seen in all clients.
  4. If the note is just for one client, check the Client Specific check box.
    • Checking the Client Specific box makes this a Client Note and will only be seen in this client.
    • Note that the checkbox is only available in the Forms view.
  5. Click OK.
Edit an existing note:
  1. Click Note.jpg 

    on the toolbar

  2. To display notes that apply to all clients, click on the Sticky Notes tab.
    • To display notes specific to the client selected, click on the Client Notes tab.
  3. In the Notes list, click on the note to edit.
  4. Click on the Edit Note button.
  5. Type the new text and click OK.
    • The font type or size for the note cannot be change
  6. To delete an existing note, select the note and click on Delete Note.