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Form 1116 Gross Income From all sources

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I@ve input my foreign wages into screen 31.2 for the FEIE 2555. 

Not claiming the FEIE we are claiming the FTC. 

Foreign wages flow to line 1 on the 1040 - good. 

Foreign wages do not flow the Form 1116 line 1a or line 2d. Gross Income from all sourced Line 2e is DOUBLE my foreign wages input to screen 31.2.

I input the gross foreign wages again into screen 35.1 form 1116 - compensation from Form 2555. Form 1116 Line 1a and 2d now populate. But line 2e is still DOUBLE the gross foreign wages. 

The foreign wages is the only income item we are reporting. I've looked everywhere and can't understand why this is doubling up. 

We are preparing an amended tax return to revoke the FEIE and submitting the FTC schedules in place or this. The 1040X screen has been deleted as i thought there was a duplication issue there but doesn't change this. 


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I think you meant Line 3e instead of 2e (which does not exist).  If you have entered the amount on the line for Compensation from Form 2555 [A] under Foreign Source Income on Screen 35.1, it should be counted only once.  I just did a quick check - the double counting is not happening on my end.

Indeed, what you entered as Compensation from Form 2555 [A] will flow to Line 1a (as you already see).  Line 3d will come from your F.2555 entries (you can verify that by clicking on the WKS link on F.1116 form preview).

If your Line 3e is double counting your foreign earning income, you probably have a duplicate entry somewhere else.  Click on the WKS link on F.1116 form preview and see if you get a clue where that input may have been made.

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Level 2

Hi thanks for your response. 

Yeh, this is only happening on this one return which is weird. 

When I click on the WKS there is the wages that I entered on the 2555 and then another line which is blank, not named or labelled, showing the same amount. 

Now, that blank amount could be that I input the number to the 1116 input screen under 2555 compensation. I would understand the double counting then but when I delete that, the double number stays and the FTC and foreign compensation disappears from the 1116. 

This double number doesn't affect the overall outcome of the return but it's an amended return and so I need the 1116 to show the correct gross income figures. The total gross income from all sources should match the foreign income as it's the only source of income to report. 

Many thanks, 



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