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Filing only to preserve a loss

Client has no activity in Wisconsin and won't for the near future.  She has an LTCL for WI that is different from Federal.

Is filing in WI required to "preserve" the LTCL?  Is this required?

I think I'll delete it for 2023 and input it in the future whenever the client has WI taxable income.

(The LC rep fee is small - $80 bux whatever - but she won't pay it.)

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Just for fun, change her SSN to 999999999 for this year, then when you proforma it to next year the correct numbers will be in the file, which you can REP for FREE. Just remember to change her ssn back to the correct number.

I can't say for sure, but I really doubt that there is a need to file. I am pretty sure the LTCLC will be preserved. 

Here's wishing you many Happy Returns

I am pretty sure the LTCLC will be preserved. 

I agree and I thank you. The reasoning that a tax return needs to be filed to maintain a tax attribute seems specious. And I didn't want to pay the extra REP fee. So, I deleted that state.

Good tip Mr. Expert.