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Is anyone else having problems with Lacerte preparing the return for EFILING when a client signs another document that was sent via DocuSign? and a signed 8879 FORM has not even been sent for signature yet? 



I send an Engagement Letter to a client via DocuSign->  the client signs said Engagement Letter-> Which then gives us the go ahead to START working on their tax return- (since our firm policy is that we will not even start preparing a return without a signed Engagement Letter on file for the year.)

HOWEVER- Lacerte changes the ESIG STATUS to "COMPLETED".  And it's NOT COMPLETED- we haven't even started the return yet! The 8879 form has not even been sent OR signed by the client. The only document that was sent for signature to this client was the Engagement Letter. SO my question is WHY O WHY is the default set to send these to "COMPLETED" and then send them to efile when going to E-FILE-->INTUIT ESIG-->EFILE SIGNED RETURNS?  


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I've only used Lacerte's eSig when it's time to get signatures on 8879's and associated documents.  I suspect that it thinks that all eSigs are for 8879's, and changes the eSig status as ready for eFile.  I use another application (TaxCaddy) to get approvals on all documents at the beginning of the engagement, so I don't run into this.

I think you'd have to use your own status flags to track these.  I think eSig allows you to requests sigs again when the 8879's are needed.

Lacerte's built-in capabilities are pretty inflexible.  Try requesting only eCheck as payment on an eSig - you can't.  Or good luck trying to reconcile your bank statement with payment thru eSig.  I use Lacerte for what's it's good at - tax prep.  Anything else will just frustrate you.