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E-Signatures and QuickBooks (Merchant Account) Integration

Level 5

I am wondering if there is any one out there who can help me better understand the integration between E-Signatures and QuickBooks.

I have a merchant account and it seems simple enough to connect it.

What's much less clear is the flow between the two.

For the sake of discussion, lets say my Lacerte client is John Q. Publik and my QuickBooks client is J. Publik.

I expect that if I include and invoice with the E-Signature that there will be a "Pay Online" button which takes the client to the Merchant Center where they can enter a payment.

After that I am not clear on how things work. If I send an invoice from QuickBooks I know that I can pretty much link the documents all the way through and the payment will get matched to the invoice that generated it.

With the invoice coming from Lacerte and no links between the products, I do not expect there will be an invoice created in QB to match the payment to.  If the names are not identical, I do not know how\where the payment will appear in QB and what, if any thing, appears back in Lacerte.

So, once the client hits the payment button, what actually happens in QB and Lacerte?

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