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completed esignature files

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Once my clients complete the esignature process, the "eSig Status" in my client tab changes to "completed."  Then after the return is filed, the eSig Status changes to  "eFiled."  Now when I click on the "eFiled" link in the eSig Status column, a box pops open and has a list of the completed files linked in PDF.  I usually send a return copy, fed efile and state efile - and now I can access all of these PDFs here.

My question is - how long are these PDF files accessible here? I thought I saw/read somewhere that these files need to be saved to a different location and only last for a year.  But now I cant find a straight answer.

It would be extremely helpful if they stayed here forever so I didn't have to waste all that extra time saving these signed efile files elsewhere.  I also like how quickly I can resend a client's return from here if need be.

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