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Coding Organizer

Level 1

For my Organizer/Questionnaire:

I am trying to add a checkbox in front of verbiage (as a multiple choice) instead of the yes or no boxes. Does anyone know the coding for this action? 

I tried [BOX] which does show up BUT my text disappears. 

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Level 11
Level 11

I paste a lower-case q formatted in Word into the Wingdings font. The Lacerte questionnaire requires a good deal of fiddling to produce the desired result.

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Level 8

2019 Lacerte > Tools > Organizer > Edit Documents > Questionnaire


Help Article Editing the organizer client or engagement letter

Beware: Organizer & Questionnaire will fight you at every attempt to add to or edit it. 

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Level 15

The organizer uses Times Roman, so you could try to insert □ which I found using windows Charmap. 

You could try copying this symbol   □    into the text, but best not to try to mess with the Organizer too much. 

□ yaba □ daba  □ do 




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Level 2

Many of my clients end up writing "Does not Apply" next to the yes no boxes.

How about adding a N/A box next to the Y and the N?

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Level 1

How does editing the organizer continue to be so terrible?

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Level 10

Who did the Lacerte programmer cross the road?

Because that was what he did last year.

I come here for kudos and IRonMaN's jokes.
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Level 10

Bad typo....

Why did the Lacerte programmers cross the road?

Because that was what they did last year.


I come here for kudos and IRonMaN's jokes.