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    California individual shared responsibility penalty input

    Level 1

    Where is the input to show client has health insurance.

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    Level 15
    Level 15

    54.014... with the latest update.  

    "Tax software is no substitute for a professional tax preparer"
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    After the most recent update, it is now on 39.3! 

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    Pinche Hueros
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    Dear lazy [bleep] intuit developers:

    We are weary of performing the acceptance test that should have occurred prior to product release. This practice is abusive and disrespectful to the to the user community at large. Acceptance testing is not when IRS or state taxing agencies accept your transmitted file. Acceptance testing is a critical product development phase where competent testers seek to identify system flaws aka "bugs" by attempting to use your application as developed so that they may be corrected aka "fixed" prior to product release. Intuit chooses to ignore this phase and instead opts to release the application and hope for the user community to identify product defects,  and this is most unappreciated and has as of late become intolerable. Please cease this practice post haste. 

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