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Amended Return

Level 3

Why does the Lacerte program print the entire original return for an amended return when choosing to print the Gov Print copy?  The IRS directions state not to.  I am not sure which forms I need to file and having Lacerte print them all isn't of any help. 

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Level 11
Level 11

Lacerte has far less idea than you do as to which forms should be attached. It gives you all of them, so you can use your professional judgement.

Level 15
I have never had a return rejected because I sent too many forms. I have had IRS make contact when they thought they needed a form that they did not see.
In the words of a very sage user " It gives you all of them, so you can use your professional judgement."

Here's wishing you many Happy Returns
Level 15

All you need to know is in a few paragraphs on Page 20 of the Form 1040-X instructions. 

I did a search for "attach" in those instructions and came up with 43 hits, including a few that were part of the word "attachment(s)."  What I found interesting was that in The Old Days, we would attach copies of both the original form or schedule, and the amended form or schedule, for any that were being changed.  Now, it doesn't look like they want the originals.