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Amended Form 568 CA SMLLC

Is an amended Form 568 (for 2020) filed with the amended California Form 540?  I have used the Amended E-file Wizard but there was no separate option for the 568.  I can a confirmation that it was received at LC but I don't know if a different e-file wizard is used for the 568.  LC tech support could not find the answer.  The summary report does not list 568 so I think I found the answer.

I called FTB and they don't support the California amended 568 so I need to file a paper form.  

The original 568 answered NO to question U(1) Is this LLC a business entity disregarded for tax purposes?  The correct answer is YES.  This is the only change to the original and so I wonder if it truly makes a difference to file an amended form.


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