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Access to Lacerte is granted, why does it keep asking for a grant

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I have been added to account [acct # removed] by [personal info removed].  When I open 2019 Lacerte and enter my password, a prompt displays saying I need to be granted access by my administrator.  Three times I have clicked the Submit button.  My admin says rights were granted.  when I try again, I get the same message.  Since downloading 2019 Lacerte and the prep file, I have yet to open the program and do some work.

Please help me and give me a call if you can.  I have been on hold for 65 minutes now.

[personal info removed]

[phone # removed]

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This page is open for the world to see.  You might want to omit your personal information.

Slava Ukraini!
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Like the IRMN says, you should remove your personal details, account number, etc.

This is not Intuit Support.  This is a peer-to-peer support forum and we are all volunteers.  There are a couple Intuit employees but they are here to moderate things only.

You will not get a call back by posting anything here.  If you need to speak with Intuit, you'll need to pick up that phone again to call them.  You will get to speak with someone - it's just a matter of when.  (Fast talking disclaimers... results not guaranteed)

Still an AllStar
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NOTE:!!!!    If you are the owner of the firm, manage your office, or are the only Lacerte user in your office, you must: complete the initial setup, and invite additional software users (if applicable).   !!!!!

Here's wishing you many Happy Returns
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I reached the help desk and got my issue resolved.  

Thank you.