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Lacerte 2020 through 2022 won't open

Lacerte 2020 through 2022 won't open

I went to open 2022 and it won't open, it said it detected 2017 through 2022 on my computer and they all had to be updated. So, I updated all of them and now 2017 - 2019 work fine. 2020 taxes me to the screen that says Set-up or Sign In. It won't let me sign in. I can't even find 2021 and it still won't let me use 2022. I've tried using the Hub and it still doesn't work. HELP!


Have you rebooted?


Like about 200 times, soft reboot and hard reboot.

Did you try the Websetup/FORCE  the Force will usually fix everything. If this fails - CALL SUPPORT

Will the websetup/force screw up my tax returns that have already been done? I hesitated to use that one only because we've already done those years and I didn't want it to act like we just installed it.

NO! Your data is not changed when you do a FORCE install. It just fixes program files.