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Intuit Link not loading questions or requests

Intuit Link not loading questions or requests

A client has accepted invite to Link.

He says it is empty and waiting for my requests.

I look at his Link..and no questions or requests for tax documents are there for 2022.

What am I missing?

Thanks for any input here


I had the same problem with a client who has used Link for several years.  The only option he had was to upload his W-2, but no questionnaire or engagement letter.  

I tried sending from both the Link website with the default templates and within Lacerte where I thought I was selecting my custom templates.  But he never got anything but the W-2 request.

Back to my original.

Appreciate the one agreement comment I received...but Lacerte not providing any help..zero.  Frustrating.

So I "played" with it myself.

Un-invite the client....then re-invite...and my client was able to get things to load.

I thought that would work but was worried it would "double-up" on all of the questions (it has done that in the past).

So now  I have to go and manually un-invite/re-invite.

Thanks Lacerte.

And client now says...it looks like the wrong access point..not Intuit Link


Now have an answer.  Lacerte sorta solved me.

Still have to do some things manually (surprised)

Heads-up y'all..Link seems to not want to play well at times.

Im looking at other alternatives for secure document trades.  Worries me all these nice neat little apps in our very strong Lacerte tax software.  Are the waters getting "muddy'ed"?

My client uploaded documents yesterday and they are still not showing up in the portal.  Anyone having these issues?