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The following diagnostic is generating: e-file Form 1040-X: The Original Amount and Correct Amount for the following items cannot be negative for e-file purposes: Qualified Business Income Deduction, Taxable Income and Earned Income Credit.

Has anyone found a work-around for this yet?  Or can this be ignored and e-filed anyway?

Yes, putting in a "-1" for the override on taxable income cleared this diagnostic for me.  Found the solution in a Facebook group "Lacerte Rescuers!"  Highly recommend.

-1 is the Lacerte version of zero.

Thanks Karl, I will give that another try.  I tried that a while back and it still wasn't working.  I did talk with Lacerte last week and they say they weren't aware of this and told me how to override.  I sent the file to them and hopefully this will be corrected in the next update, etc.  Also, thanks for the Facebook Group, I will look that up as well!!  Have a great day!

February 2023

I gambled on the old Lacerte trick of entering


in the field on Screen 59 of the 2021 software and it worked.  Taxable Income lines are now empty - no values - and my diagnostic went away.  Logically you would thing -1 would enter a negative one dollar in the field, but this old trick seems to still be an override in this instance.